ITV Balsapintada is the ideal platform to carry out the inspections of all your vehicles and obtain all the necessary information about us with just one click. We are a new company from Murcia that works in the field of vehicle technical inspection which. We carry out this activity from the origin of our installations, based on continuous technological innovation.

Our mission

From our entity we commit ourselves to save lives through regular tests, directly reducing the number of traffic accidents, increasing environmental quality by controlling noises, particles and harmful gases and contributing and helping to retire the vehicles that pose an immediate risk to road safety.

Our vision

Today’s automotive environment is characterized by the use of advanced technologies that promote a dynamic change, we work on the execution of safety standards and efficient tests to encourage the future of mobility in fields such as authomatized driving, electronic mobility or emissions testing.

Our activity requires the constant training of professionals in order to respond effectively to the increasing technical difficulty of vehicles and the demanding certification regulation. However, throughout all these years of automobile engineering development, an idea prevails: the key is lloking for a mobility everytime safer and more sustainable for all drivers.