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What is tested durint the ITV test?

The technical inspection of vehicles is a complete test that vehicles have to pass to ensure that it is circulating on public roads in a safe manner.

During the inspection process, ITV will not dismantle any element and / or parts of the vehicle. The car elements that are evaluated are the following:

  1. Identification documents of the vehicle.
  2. External conditioning, body and chassis.
  3. Internal fittings.
  4. Lighting and signage.
  5. Polluting emissions.
  6. Brakes.
  7. Steering.
  8. Axles, wheels, tires and shock absorver.
  9. Engine
  10. Others (depending on the type of vehicle, specific elements and documentation are verified (tachograph, speed limiter, car upgrades, school transport, transport of dangerous goods, etc.)

The detailed inspection procedure is developed in the inspection procedure manual of the ITV stations, which is available on this website in the legislation section.

What happens if my vehicle does not pass the ITV?

Depending on the reason why your vehicle has not passed the ITV, the procedure will be de following:

In case that the defects have been classified as minor, they must be repaired within a maximum period of two months. They do not require a new inspection to verify that they have been corrected, unless the vehicle has to be inspected again because the inspection was unfavourable or negative.

Defects that are classified as serious are defects that disable the vehicle to circulate on public roads except for moving it to the car workshop or for regularizing your situation and returning to an ITV Station for an inspection in a period no longer than two months, counting from the first unfavorable technical inspection.

The defects that are classified as very serious are defects that disable the vehicle to travel on public roads. In this case, the transfer of the vehicle from the station to its destination will be carried out by other ways and not by the vehicle itself. Once the defects are corrected, the vehicle must pass the inspection again within a period not exceeding two months, counting from the first negative inspection.

What happens if I miss the deadline for a second inspection?

If the vehicle is brought for the second technical inspection after the period designed for its repair, a full technical inspection of the vehicle must be carried out.

What happens if I dont do the inspections or I do it after the deadline?

First of all, if you do not check your vehicle and the traffic agents check that the ITV is late you can be fined.

However, ITV can not punish you for passing the inspection after the deadline. On the contrary, they have the obligation to carry out the inspection without any extra charge.

Is it compulsory to carry the ITV sticker on the windshield of the vehicle? Where should I put it?

Yes, it is compulsory to carry the ITV sticker, it must be seen by the authorities that regulate the traffic. On the other hand, it should be placed in the upper right corner of the windshield on its inside. The printed side of the sticker will be adhesive.

If my periodic inspection has already expired, will it cost me more money?

The price is always the same, so it does not cost more money. But you could be fined in case of accident or if the authorities stop you while driving in public roads. The ideal is to follow the dates and periods established by the ITV station.